Its Simple to join me on the journey towards success?

Modest Investment


 The goal is to complete client projects accurately and in the least amount of time possible.  A monthly retainer is the preferred option for most projects,  however SBS will consider smaller projets on a fee based structure. By offering  years of experience and allowing SBS to handle the research and  legwork, clients save time and money, headcount and overhead expenses.   SBS Forward will offer meaningful solutions to projects clients either  are too busy to take on or can't afford to employ someone to do.  It's  really just that simple! At SBS, enjoyment comes from helping clients  begin to enjoy their own inspiring journey. 

  SBS Forward is unique in offering a negotiable rates!  

Initial Consultation - $150



Two one-hour  consultations, pending needs. Payment due before meeting commences.  This is where we get to talk about your business needs and concerns.   You get to know me and I get to engage, inspire, and offer a little  perspective - then you decide how best to utilize the wide array of  services SBS Forward can offer.  Please note - after two hours, billable  at $75.00/hour (one hour minimum).  New Bern Area Chamber members receive a 1/3 rate reduction!

Hourly Consultation Fees - $75/hour


At SBS, we want your project to succeed so all projects will be given dedicated expert attention from start to finish.  Projects are contracted by way of a negotiated monthly retainer.  For smaller projects, hourly  fees are billable at $75.00 per hour. One hour minimum. Goal is to complete  projects accurately and thoroughly in the quickest turn-around-time  possible.  Fees negotiable pending client needs. Terms Net 15.