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Let's change the way we think . . .

Perspective Is Important!

Inspiration vs. Labor = Fun

Relational Marketing vs. "Low Impact" Customer Service

Enjoyment vs. Absolute Profit (Give a little...get a lot)

Now I ask. . .Can you join me?

After relocating to North Carolina, SBS, which originally began offering consulting services in 2008 in Michigan,  was pleased to begin offering consulting services in the New Bern area and eastern NC beginning Oct 2012!   Since SBS was formed, services have been offered to business owners who lacked the time or resources to employ a full-time staff  person to manage their integrated marketing and HR related tasks.  SBS can easily  accommodate project work, which helps business owners better focus on doing what they do best - building a successful thriving and unique business.  So call today and start balancing a little more and let SBS Forward do the work for you!